Our Story

The original Paki Park is a recreational basketball court outside of Waikiki, Hawaii. Paki Park is known for its incredible pickup games, hosting everyone from neighborhood street-stars to Shaquille O’Neal, Kanye West, and Barack Obama. Our CEO, Kalin, grew up down the road from this park, learning to defend his side of the court, earning his fair share of bruises, and studying up on what it takes to be a champion.

Paki Park is the birthplace of many neighborhood heroes who know the value of good teammates, hard work, and communication. That’s why Paki Park Interactive chose to adopt the name: we know that winning in the world of digital marketing is not all that different from winning in the world of basketball and street games. It takes a team of experts, a leader with a big-picture game plan, and a results-driven action plan to not just play a market, but dominate it. (We also know a pair of Jordans never hurt anyone’s game, either.)

What we bring to the game.

One athlete can’t win a tournament. That’s why we create long-term goals and implement them with a collection of the best digital tools available. We leverage pay-per-click, display, website analytics, YouTube advertising, and social paid advertising to help brands become fierce competitors.

Partner With Us

Paki Park Interactive is a digital marketing agency based in Austin, Texas. We know the importance of personally understanding each brand’s specific goals, ambitions, and mission so we can not only work with brands but coach them to achieve their own successes.

We aren’t just looking for the next sale: we are looking for partners and teammates who want to learn how to revolutionize their digital presence. We talk extensively with every brand before entering into a partnership so we can ensure we are a good fit for each other. If we’re not, we’ll even help you find the company that is.

Our CEO and founder, Kalin, personally walks each brand through every step of the digital transformation process, coordinating with our in-house marketing and sales teams. Every failure, success, and proofpoint is communicated, making all aspects of the process transparent. Each brand receives real-time, measurable results because we never keep secrets from our partners (except the recipe for the famous Mexican Martini from Trudy’s, we don’t give that out).

Want to coach a winning team?

Let us know.